Monday, May 23, 2016

Zoning Out: White Supremacists Plan "Boulder" Solution for America

Now that they've learned The One Weird Trick White Nationalists Are Using to Ethnically Cleanse San Francisco, the White Supremacist Liberals have already moved beyond supporting Trump. They have "Boulder" plans.

Flirting with Trump? No, the US will vote for a Boulder solution
The future is here and it works. Importantly, it is not a conservative future. Boulder, Colorado, is not as famous as San Francisco or even Palo Alto – but this city of some 100,000, where the high plains end and the Rocky Mountains begin, is the leading American urban area of the 21st century. It is a bewildering alchemy of 1960s hippy culture, frontier technologies, thoughtful urban planning and burgeoning service jobs ranging from diet counselling to advanced road bike maintenance. Boulder has become the exemplar of how rich and satisfying urban life can be. It is also a Democrat stronghold.

It has been voted the US’s brainiest city, its happiest city, the country’s foodiest place and the number one city for health. It is a standing reproach to Donald Trump, and indeed Britain’s rightwing Brexiteers who ape his thinking. The place is booming around values and principles to which they are hostile – but attracting families, entrepreneurs and innovators from all round the US because it is such a delightful place in which to live and work.
It's true, the capitalist Trump and Brexiters end up bringing in foreign labor and putting blacks to work. Whereas the white supremacist liberals know that if you want to make a place boom, you make it difficult for minorities to live there.

The one-man army who uncovers more white supremacy in a day than the SPLC does in a decade, Steve Sailer informs us:
In the 2010 Census, Boulder was 0.9% black, 8.7% Hispanic (in a state that is 20.7% Hispanic), and 4.7% Asian. Boulder today is about as white as the United States was in the 1950s, and far less black than during Eisenhower’s days.
Steve asks:
If Boulder is the future, where are all the white people going to come from (as in all seven in the Guardian’s photo illustrating this essay)?
We all know the plan isn't to bring in more white people, but to move out the non-whites via zoning laws.

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