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Why Hasn't Hollywood Made Social Justice Cannibals?

Thanks to Nick B Steves for the mention. This Week in Reaction (2016/05/15)

How political hatred during Cultural Revolution led to murder and cannibalism in a small town in China
The Cultural Revolution was a time of total chaos:
Launched by Mao in 1966 to topple his political enemies after the failure of the Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution saw a decade of violence and destruction nationwide as party-led class conflict devolved into social chaos.

Teenaged Red Guards beat teachers to death for being “counter-revolutionaries” and family members denounced one another while factions clashed bitterly for control across the country.
Violent SJWs with a monopoly on violence, who set to work tearing apart the foundations of society. Pick a a dangerous hellhole like present-day Venezuela, and you will find looters set on fire and political enemies killed. A violent place, but one that still has a sense of very basic order. During the Cultural Revolution, order was gone. There were no limits, only the mob. And when they had total power and a monopoly on violence, the SJWs started eating people.
At the height of the frenzy of China’s Cultural Revolution, victims were eaten at macabre “flesh banquets”

Some of the worst excesses happened in Wuxuan, in the far southern region of Guangxi, where the hearts, livers and genitals of victims were cut out and fed to revellers.

Some residents say they have never heard of the dozens of acts of cannibalism, motivated by political hatred rather than hunger, that once stained the streets with blood.

At least 38 people were eaten in Wuxuan, a high-ranking member of an early 1980s official investigation told AFP, asking not to be named for fear of repercussions.

“All the cannibalism was due to class struggle being whipped up and was used to express a kind of hatred,” he said. “The murder was ghastly, worse than beasts.”

“There were beheadings, beatings, live burials, stonings, drownings, boilings, group slaughters, disembowellings, digging out hearts, livers, genitals, slicing off flesh, blowing up with dynamite, and more, with no method unused.”

In 1968 a geography instructor named Wu Shufang was beaten to death by students at Wuxuan Middle School. The body was carried to the flat stones of the Qian river where another teacher was forced at gunpoint to rip out the heart and liver. Back at the school the pupils barbecued and consumed the organs.

“This was not cannibalism because of economic difficulties, like during famine,” X.L. Ding, a Cultural Revolution expert at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, said.

“It was not caused by economic reasons, it was caused by political events, political hatred, political ideologies, political rituals.”
If you made a horror movie about this and set it in 1960s China, with a Chinese speaking cast, it could do reasonably well as a cult horror film. If you set this in modern times at a U.S. university, some Hollywood executive might reject the script or ask that you make it sci-fi, with an alien virus or some disease making the students go nuts and murder each other.

All that is really needed to make the story plausible is to have a remote campus with some time of stressor applied, like an extended power outage that takes down Internet and cellular networks amid a time of campus unrest. Then let the SJWs get a hold of the weapons and away we go. The protagonist would be a student who is not an SJW and fears being tortured/killed/eaten but maybe not in that order. The movie would recreate the terror of life under communism, the sense that anyone could turn on you. (The 1978 version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers did a good job of setting that type of atmosphere.) There is a non-stop tension building because the characters are dying off and the odds are growing that the protagonist is next. The revolution demands blood!

Eventually the protagonist is accused and as in the Cultural Revolution there is public shaming and he/she is headed towards a painful death. But in the last moment he wins the mob, accuses his close friend/sidekick who has helped him stay alive to this point. In the end, he is laughing maniacally as he chops up his friend for being a counterrevolutionary, just like he was 5 minutes ago. The afterword is text explaining the events of Wuxuan. Everything you have seen really happened, only the place and context changed. Then cut to the worst videos of SJWs protesting on campus. Fade to black.

And now: Skin Flicks at Cannes: What's Up With All the Cannibal Movies?

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