Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Globalists Almost Made It

Plenty of alt-righters and NRxers benefit from globalization. Several prominent people are currently living overseas and many others have lived abroad of traveled extensively.

Elites benefit from globalization because the higher you are on the economic pyramid, the more you can earn. Coca-Cola can sell the world a Coke.

We can't do a counterfactual, but it's probably the case that globalists could have expanded free trade and finance without much opposition. Eventually robots were going to show up and take the blame for the loss of jobs, the globalists just had to get past that stage. They only needed to keep a lid on opposition for 10 to 20 years, tops. Then minimum income buys off the first generation as VR and automation put fertility on a permanent downtrend (until the fundies take over the curve in about 100 years, but Amish can't fight drones).

Instead, the globalists started importing invaders into their countries and making war on the natives.

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