Sunday, May 08, 2016

The Cathedral Can't Comprehend Trump

Republican Party Unravels Over Donald Trump’s Takeover
But for leading Republicans, the dismay is deeper and darker. They fear their party is on the cusp of an epochal split — a historic cleaving between the familiar form of conservatism forged in the 1960s and popularized in the 1980s and a rekindled, atavistic nationalism, with roots as old as the republic, that has not flared up so intensely since the original America First movement before Pearl Harbor.

Some even point to France and other European countries, where far-right parties like the National Front have gained power because of the sort of resentments that are frequently given voice at rallies for Mr. Trump.

Yet if keeping the peace means embracing Mr. Trump and his most divisive ideas and utterances, a growing number are loath to do it.
The Cathedral's Trump Narrative says the GOP made Trump because of their racist/sexist/xenophobic policies. The Times repeats it:
Traditional power brokers long preached limited-government conservatism and wanted to pursue an immigration overhaul, entitlement cuts, free trade and a hawkish foreign policy, and nominees like John McCain and Mitt Romney largely embraced that agenda. Republican leaders also vilified President Obama and Democrats, stoking anger with rank-and-file conservatives.

Many Republican voters trudged along with those earlier nominees, but never became truly animated until Mr. Trump offered them his brand of angry populism: a blend of protectionism at home and a smaller American footprint abroad. And he was able to exploit their resentments and frustrations because those same Republican leaders had been nurturing those feelings for years with attacks on Mr. Obama, Democrats, illegal immigrants and others.
The Times has the villain all wrong. Trump is a creation of the Cathedral and mainstream media if he is a creation of anyone.

Trump's rise is Arthurian, the first serious national candidate to unapologetically strike back at the media and Cathedral Narrative. Recall the 2012 South Caroline primary debate, in which Newt Gingrich attacked the media and ended up winning the primary. Trump took that moment and turned it into a campaign. In 2008, there were those who called Obama "the one" people had been waiting for. In Trump's case, it is actually true, the base has been looking for someone to represent them, to defend their views and interests.

The Cathedral won't comprehend Trump's rise because to comprehend is to crime-think. To admit the GOP is tribal is to admit the Democrats have been tribal far longer. Which is to admit the Democrats are not a unifying force, but merely an enemy tribe which acts indifferent or in opposition to Christianity, whites, men, stay at home moms, intact families and traditional values. If politics is tribal, the language used by the Cathedral and Democrats condemns them.

If the new GOP tribe becomes self-aware, it will begin pursuing the policies it wants, to benefit its own people, whether or not those policies also help, harm, or are indifferent to the Democrat's tribe. The Cathedral "can't go there" because to go there is to look in the mirror and reveal their own selves. The cuckservatives and GOP establishment have gone there, they have seen the future, and they reject it. They put American politics on a pedestal, and like the MGTOWs who recoil from women's true sexual nature, they recoil from the new reality of American politics.

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