Thursday, May 19, 2016

How Trump Can Deport XX Million People

The NYTimes can't figure out how to deport 11 million illegal immigrants.
What Would It Take for Donald Trump to Deport 11 Million and Build a Wall?

Around Thanksgiving and Christmas, the United States moves more than 40 million people. Deporting millions of illegal immigrants will not strain the transportation system.

Many people in the country illegally have minor violations such as visa overstays. These people will be given an "amnesty": leave now and avoid a fine, avoid being banned from entering America.

There will be a general amnesty like this for people in the country illegally, who aren't wanted for a crime. They can voluntarily exit the country and not be blacklisted.

There may also be a voluntary registry. A fixed period of time to register and settle affairs will be granted.

As this is going on, there will be increased immigration raids.

All local police, hospitals, welfare offices and schools will have to check immigration status or lose federal funding.

Those who have not registered will be immediately deported.

Trump can declare a national emergency, using national security authority, and bypass the courts. There will be no court hearings for illegal aliens.

People will be deported within days of falling into the hands of the Deportation Force.

Those caught, having not registered, will also be banned from ever returning to the USA.

With a combination of carrots and sticks, moving several million people is a matter of will.

The progressives will quickly shift from saying it can't be done, to saying it shouldn't be done this quickly.

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