Friday, April 08, 2016

Run With the Rampaging Rabid Puppies

After a couple posts against activism this week, here's a way to take a few minutes out of your day and leverage it into a meaningful action:

You don't have to pay to vote in these awards: Rampaging Puppies
It has been suggested, for example, that were we to turn our attention to other awards in the field, with other, more democratic systems, that our dearth of numbers would become apparent to all and sundry.

Which is why, sweet, slavering Puppies, I would direct your attention to the venerable Locus Awards, that bastion of science fiction history, where Tor Books has won the Best Publisher award for 27 straight years, and which we are informed is more representative of the science fiction mainstream than the elitist Hugo and Nebula Awards. For those of you who were unable to afford the entry fee or otherwise missed registering for MidAmericaCon II, this is your opportunity to respond to the Call of the Dark and run with the Puppies.
Vox offers some recommended works, which is in no way a slate or order to vote the list exactly as presented.

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