Tuesday, April 12, 2016

North Carolina Bathroom Law Most Eucivic American Law of 21st Century

You can control the signal even if the signal doesn't affect you.

Some Progressives value the signal higher than money.

Porn Site Bans North Carolina Users Over Anti-LGBT Law
XHamster just delivered a serious money shot on the North Carolina legislature.

Users from the Tar Hell State began complaining on Monday that when they tried to access the popular porn site on Monday, they were met with a blank screen.

XHamster spokesman Mike Kulich says that this is no accident, but rather a direct response to the state’s passage of what is seen as an anti-LGBT law.
This porn site has outsignaled the left.

Amp up the "equality is more important than money" signal on the left to get more of this behavior, while passing more laws designed to force more people into the signal.

Let the feedback loop begin.

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