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DIY Passivism

How To Passivism
So what should you do?

Build a cabal. And to build a cabal, build a Männerbund, as outlined here.

When the problem is the entire official political system, the solution is not to participate in that system, but to build (or rebuild, depending on your viewpoint) a new, better political system. That is Step One of the Procedure: become worthy.

Are Ivy League millennials really the worthiest rulers? Not by some theoretical historical standard, but if nobody has replaced them yet, then yes, they are. That is not an indictment of passivism or Moldbug’s theories. It is an indictment of our civilization. You must become worthier than our current rulers. That does not just mean personally being healthier and more virtuous than they, it means, as a group, being more capable of good government – more capable of providing order, justice, law, virtue, truth, and glory.

Besides the current Cathedral-State, is there anybody out there with functioning institutions for determining truth, disseminating the official viewpoints, organizing mass social life, and providing lucrative careers and safe families for competent young men? You may dispute the use or definition of the word “functioning” – and there is much to dispute — but where is the Harvard of the right? Where is The New York Times of the right? Where is the Department of Justice of the right? Where are the courts of law of the right? Unless you have an obviously superior replacement to Harvard, nobody is obligated to stop listening to Harvard, stop trying to get into Harvard, or stop singing Harvard’s praises. Any criticism of Harvard will be just that, and a moot point to boot.

Perhaps the rising Harvards and NYTs, etc. of the right were unfairly crushed by the state at some point in the past, which explains their non-existence. That is probably mostly true. That is, however, also not an excuse. What did you expect to happen when you openly threatened an existing competitor?

There is no point to being open or public before you can win openly and publicly.

If you can provide more order, justice, law, virtue, truth, and glory than the competition, you will eventually win. And since the main political problem in the West is a lack of order, justice, law, virtue, truth and glory, you’ll be achieving victory every time you provide an instance of any of these. You cannot bring back order by lobbying the corrupt political system designed to quash it.

You must simply build order yourself. Building replacements to the entire official and unofficial government quietly, privately, non-politically without ever veering into activism may seem pretty difficult. It is. These may seem like stringent conditions for victory, but this is a planet with stringent conditions on life. Google “Skull Tower” if you need reminding.

To provide order, etc., you must first have some measure of personal sovereignty. Sovereignty begins with intellectual sovereignty and status sovereignty. To be fully sovereign, you first have to be sovereign over your own mind. You have to be sovereign over who and what gets your attention, time and energy. Only once your attention, time and energy are under your full control can you identify what paths to victory are most valuable, and then pursue them.

Intellectual sovereignty means you read the news furtively, but you read old books proudly, rather than the other way around. Do you control where your attention lies? The Pope does not. Do not let the media choose which battles you fight and which problems you think about. “Read old books” is not a snarky command, but a very serious program to remove the chains of modernity.

When you read enough old books, eventually you will not be living in 2016, but in 1616, and you will have new ideas that were not possible before – ideas that a typical modern simply could not comprehend. Right now, those ideas are by definition incomprehensible, but some of them might be the right ideas you need to win. There is only one way to find them. A good place to begin reading is here.

Status sovereignty requires a Mannerbund. One man alone will be hard-pressed to revive Western civilization, especially if doing the things necessary to do so makes his peers look down on him, or makes him forgo other actions that will raise his social status. Your internal status-seeking system has to be realigned to seek status along traditional lines. To fix this problem, you need to be in touch with other like-minded men, you need to meet them regularly, you need to help them out, you need to exchange ideas and plans with them, you need to build bonds with them – such a small social program will be a small victory in the larger scheme of things, but a good civilization itself is nothing more than a million of these small social programs concentrated in one territory.

Even the tallest tower began with a single stone. If you can’t even build one stone, you will never build the million stones necessary to win. Get building.
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