Sunday, April 03, 2016

Against the Action of White Nationalism

If people who consider themselves the posterity of America's founding stock wish to preserve and develop the cultural heritage which stretches back to the Magna Carta and beyond, this alone will be considered racist by progressives and will be "racist" in the sense of being an ethnically and racially non-diverse project. The Amish are not white nationalists, yet there are few if any non-whites among the Amish.

The Red Pill is a worldview, not a plan of action. White Nationalists are taking the Red Pill and looking to turn it into a direct action, or counter action against the Left. A more successful strategy is what the Left would see as non-action. The Cathedral wants something to punch, but they cannot punch air. The Left wants to create racial tension and fight on these issues. If the Right fights on the Left's battlefield, the odds of losing are high. Instead, change the battlefield. Learn from Gamergate. The Left tried to say Gamergate is misogynist; Gamergate responded we play games. Learn from homeschoolers: instead of trying to fight the public school system, instead of trying to abolish it, or get left-wing teachers fired, people created alternative education options. One is a democratic, mass movement. The other is an individual act. One requires debate, one requires action. Yet as far as the public school system is concerned, homeschoolers are engaged in non-action. They are not a threat to public education. At least until their numbers swell, but at that point it will be too late to stop them...

Update: And here's a perfect example of the cuckservative. Yes, The Alt-Right Are Just a Bunch of Racists

If the only choices are cuckservatives or WNs, the WNs will win because people don't want their countries to turn into Third World hellholes.

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