Saturday, April 16, 2016

Activism Meets the IRS

The Internal Revenue Service is fielding fire from two branches of government, the courts and Congress, with the first accusing the agency of ongoing dishonesty and the second – at least, some on the Republican side of the aisle – demanding the impeachment of the tax chief, John Koskinen.

As the Washington Times reported, Judge David Sentelle of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit said in a hearing this week that evidence appears to show the IRS intruded upon the constitutional rights of tea-party groups by delaying their applications for nonprofit status, and by asking questions that went above and beyond what was necessary to process their paperwork.
The Tea Party is not anti-Cathedral with any of its actions, yet USG saw fit to hamper it enough to reduce it's power during the 2012 election cycle.

The punishment went beyond delaying applications for non-profit status. Individuals who were in charge of Tea Party groups were audited on their personal and business taxes.

When you present the hammer a nail, it hammers it. The hammer doesn't hit what it cannot see.

If mass activism were successful there would be a revolution every 20 years as Jefferson wanted. Instead, most people don't care about politics at all, less and less all the time as more distractions take up their time.

Mass action is possible though. However small an action, when enough people do it, there is an effect.

Homeschooling is not mass activism, but if enough people are homeschooling, teaching their children the classics and traditional values, they are creating something far more powerful than most of what would be labeled as "activism."

A person is passive, in the eyes of the State, if he is not directly challenging State authority. Sending your children to the public school for their daily dose of pozz is a passive act. Allowing others to do work for you is an act of passivism. The Cathedral effectively dominates today because it is much easier to be passivist. Taking action in your personal life, which will be interpreted as a passive act by the State (or non-action because it is unseen), is not passivism. Neither is what the socialists do, marching in the streets, an act of activism. It is passivist to demand the government do stuff for you.

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