Friday, March 25, 2016

Netherlands on Path to De-Islamization

Netherlands is on track to be the first nation that will pursue de-Islamization.
Dutch Polls

From the link, you can see PVV is on pace to be the largest party in the Netherlands (last poll was done before Brussels attacks). The site breaks down all possible coalitions and when you get down to section 3.2 you will see PVV has only one likely coalition partner, the much smaller SGP (Reformed Political Party, which is orthodox Protestant Calvinist). This raises the potential for the situation seen in a few other nations, where the largest party is shut out of government.

Shutting a party out of government is an effective strategy if the factors helping that party are limited. As the gains for PVV show, it is a losing strategy if the immigration issue becomes the biggest issue. The Cathedral's immigration position is some degree of open borders. If you favor immigration restriction, you are removed from the mainstream and isolated. This is a curse, but also a blessing, because you are given a monopoly on the immigration issue and branded as the anti-immigrant party. You don't need to advertise or try to build your brand, the Cathedral does all the work for you. As a result, PVV will either not be in the government, or it will be the government. If you are anti-immigration in Netherlands, you have one choice: PVV.

The Cathedral wins if immigration is a transient issue. They survive a few election cycles with you as the boogeyman, and then you fade away. Either you change your tune and are welcomed back for having seen the light, or you fade into obscurity. If instead rising immigration brings more terrorism, rape, crime, and general social dysfunction, then every election cycle brings you closer to total victory. If there is a recession or financial crisis, the outsider party also benefits. Eventually, one country will hand total power to a party such as PVV. Then the real battle begins, because a positive result will cause the rest of Europe to fall like dominoes. For instance, if Netherlands starts expelling Muslims, they aren't going to wait to be deported. They will move to Germany...

Meanwhile, the PVV's leader Geert Wilders is on trial for saying bad things about Muslims. Or rather, Wilders is receiving tens of millions of dollars of free advertising, marketing and branding courtesy of the Cathedral.


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