Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Diversity Math

So we're all on the same page here:
Let's use women to illustrate the process. The Academy is about one-quarter female, while moviegoers in 2014 were about half female. For simplicity, I'll say the total number of Academy members is 6,000. By weighting women's votes so that each one has a weight three times that of each man's vote, total male votes would have a weight of 4,500 (6,000 x 3/4) and so would total female votes (1,500 x 3). Male and female perspectives would be roughly balanced.

The same could be done with ethnicity, although the math in this example isn't as simple. Minorities represent about 37 percent of moviegoers but only 7 percent of the Academy. So ballots of minority voters would need to be weighted about 7.8 times more heavily than those of white voters. Total white votes would have a weight of 5,580 (6,000 x 93 percent), and total minority votes would have a weight of 3,277 (6,000 x 7 percent x 7.8). Add the two together (5,580 + 3,277 = 8,857), and the weighted minority vote at the Academy becomes 37 percent, reflecting that of the audience. This would be a multiplicative process, so votes by women of color would carry even more weight, 23.4 times those of white men.
Logical outcome of a belief in equality.

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