Thursday, January 21, 2016

White Genocide Is Coming to Your Neighborhood

The goal is soft genocide. Unless stopped, the outcome will be hard genocide.
But in holiness competition, we get the phenomenon that neoreactionaries call “not getting the joke”. If you are going to be selected for loyalty to progressive memes, best take those memes absolutely literally and seriously, since only the truest believers get into the best universities and get the plum jobs. So the next generation of progressives takes the most ridiculous things as holy writ, the more ridiculous the better, since precisely the most stupid, ridiculous and outrageous things will differentiate you from the other applicant to Harvard.

Thus students sing “western civ has got to go” (meaning the course) and not long thereafter, you are not going to make it into the elite unless you believe in your very heart and soul, believe absolutely and utterly, that “western civ has got to go”, meaning the buildings, the books, the art, the science, the technology, and the people.
I wish I could argue against that logic, but I watched it in my own lifetime. At the current pace, there will be open calls for either segregation or killing of whites by 2040.

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