Saturday, January 16, 2016

Sicario Review: This Is Not Your Country Anymore

Sicario is a movie about a kidnapping task force agent (Emily Blunt) whose case intersects with a Mexican drug cartel. She is brought in on a larger case aimed at a local cartel boss, led by a Department of Defense adviser. Most of the movie is spent with Blunt trying to figure out the real target and purpose of the investigation. No big surprises, but it is an entertaining movie.

I can imagine the director or writers of Sicario coming from a left-wing viewpoint of distrusting the security state. Or coming from a viewpoint of moral nihilism, our side is as bad as the other. The deeper message ends up being far more reactionary.

The movie begins in the Arizona suburbs with a corpse-filled house, a cartel dumping ground. It is emphasized that this is not what people in Arizona want in their neighborhoods, and if nothing is done, there will be lots more houses like this soon. It ends with the movie's Mexican killer telling the Emily Blunt's FBI agent character to move to a small town, someplace where the rule of law is still in effect. This place has become the territory of wolves.

The Southwest does not belong to you anymore Mr. & Mrs. American, your ideals have to purpose in this place. Take flight to Whitopia. If you plan on holding the ground, be prepared for it to become a warzone.

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