Sunday, December 06, 2015

Perfect Example of Exhausted Left

No better example of left-wing craziness than these two article on the Daily Beast, side by side. Without fresh ideas to carry it forward, the progressive left suffocates like a shark, killed by its own rhetoric. Identity politics can carry a movement forward if it has achievable goals, but once its goals are gone, all it has left is identity. The KKKrazy Glue works at keeping a coalition together to pass the Affordable Care Act, but if there's nothing on the horizon, then the only thing left is the KKKrazy Glue. At the same time, the white reaction to KKKrazy Glue is to become a "white supremacist." I don't know how things are where you live, but regular folks who hold regular, safe political views, are saying things that are unrefined alt-right talking points. An average mom, commenting on the student protests at Missouri said to me, "What white privilege will my daughter ever have?!"

Daily Beast: Rush Limbaugh’s Favorite New White-Power Group
At the least, Roy was strategic; he got America’s most-listened-to talk radio host to obliviously thumbs-up a white supremacist movement. What Roy left out of his interview is that the alt right is a neoreactionary effort comprised of right-wing agitators brought together by their opposition to immigration (in particular, Hispanic and Muslim immigration), animosity to Muslims, and general opposition to multiculturalism (they call it cultural Marxism). They hate political correctness, they like Donald Trump, and they love dubbing their enemies “cuckservatives.”
The very next article on the Daily Beast website (at the moment if you scroll down from the first, you get this): Brown University Professor Denounces ‘McCarthy’ Witch-Hunts

The progressive left is creating its own nightmare. The KKKrazy Glue puts everything into a racial lens and see most right-wing opposition as "white supremacy." In the next year or two, the white supremacist movement will have grown from maybe 50,000 or 100,000 people into a "white supremacist" movement of 50 to 100 million people. The left is brainwashing itself into insanity.

Ramzpaul responds to being named in the first story: Betsy Woodruff, the Alt Right and RAMZPAUL.

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  1. Marcuse wrote a book of criticisms against the Soviet system. It was called: "Soviet Marxism: A Critical Analysis".

    Gramsci wasn't even part of The Frankfurt School.

    Georg Lukács criticised The Frankfurt School calling them the beautiful and comfortable "Grand Hotel Abyss" which teetered on the edge of absurdity and nothingness. who does that leave as an actual "Cultural Marxist"?

    ...Adorno perhaps? With his criticisms of pop-culture which he despised? Or perhaps Horkheimer who gave up on Marxism entirely?

    The truth is that feminism, gay rights, civil rights, atheism and secular humanism all pre-date The Frankfurt School (which hasn't been influential in academia for 45 years now) and all these movements that get called "Cultural Marxism" have other sources, reasons and intentions behind their existence.

    "Cultural Marxism" is a term for the true believers of Conservative dogma. One for the crowd, not for the individualist. One to rally the team, but nothing to wander into a debate carrying.

    Personally I hope that conservatives try to spread this relic of cold war paranoia far and wide. It will do wonders for showing the world the nature of their ideology - "We may not have the answers - but god damn it we'll keep you safe from the USSR!!!"

    Also - show me a corporation and I'll find the person there in charge of giving sexual harassment seminars. McDonalds and Coke both like to put blacks and asians in their advertisements as to appeal to the widest audiences of racial super-friends... but is capitalism being looked at as the source of Multiculturalism, feminism, or political correctness?

    NO. Because it makes sense that companies would want women to feel comfortable working for them. That advertisers want to seem appealing and friendly to everyone. That religion is going to fall away as the world of science gains explanatory power. These aren't expressions of Marxist theory infecting our culture - they're functions of capitalism and good will. Plain and simple, but those who push this Christian Conservative conspiracy theory won't accept what I've said here as an explanation - because they are as much ideologues as a hardcore Marxist Soviet could ever dream of being.





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