Sunday, November 29, 2015

Unbearable Whiteness of Being...a White Democrat

It appears the tipping point has been reached for White Democrats. The events on college campuses show White Democrats cannot handle changing demographics. Due in part to their youth worship, but mainly a result of their anti-white Cultural Marxism, White Democrats are being removed from power because they are the nearest expression of White Privilege. The Democratic Convention is going to be in Philadelphia, well within driving distance of the New York and Baltimore Black Lives Matter groups. Maybe not this year, but eventually Missouri will repeat at the Democratic Convention. As in 1968, a watershed moment will come when the White Democrats who aren't completely dedicated to racial politics are removed from power. The rump of progressivism will be left to carp in the remaining media outlets they control. Those will quickly fall afterwards as there will still be individual profit from feeding Whites to the alligators. Those that remain will fade into obscurity as the Old Right faded in the wake of World War II.

The battle with #cuckservatives and the battle between Trumpkins and the GOP Establishment represents the emergence of new political battle lines. The GOP Establishment spends more time arguing with Tea Party/conservative base/alt-right than it does arguing with the Democrats now. This is not because the GOP Establishment is being pulled Left nor that they were always Left, it is because the bulk of the GOP is being pulled right as the left rapidly descends into pure identity politics. Changes in time preferences will take care of the rest as the left increasingly focuses on short-term issues. It is already a rolling riot act, shifting from one outrage to the next with no coherent vision of the future because it has no future.

Case in point of what is happening, Steve Sailer is quoted at length in a CNN report: Who will you blame once Obama's gone?

The CNN article brings up another point worth tacking on: White Democrats have been suppressing racial politics to some degree because of their Liberal White Supremacy. They use racial politics as a cudgel, but also temper it and put it into the language of White politics. As the White Democrats fade, the buffer layer between the races is being taken off. Social media plays an increasingly large role in politics. The gatekeepers and journalists are surprisingly stupid, but the base of the Democrat party even more so.

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