Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Star Wars VII Anti-Christian

Is Star Wars VII anti-white? #BoycottStarWarsVII

It is clearly anti-Christian, if the light-saber cross wielding "villains" are indeed known as Inquisitors. Also, it's pretty clear Vader is most definitely the good guy:
The Inquisitors are a nasty saber-wielding bunch who specialize in rounding up Force-sensitive individuals and might even have some massive machine in the galaxy that points them in right direction.

What is being reinforced recently is the possibility that we may see our first flashback in a Star Wars film in Episode 7. And this would happen in a way to help explain that the Inquisitors started as a plan of Darth Vader's - to rid the galaxy of all Force-sensitive people.

The SJW/Progressive menace would probably have laughed off a boycott by Christians who pointed this aspect of the movie out, but they went nuts over a handful of people who called it anti-white.

It is also telling that most Christians probably won't boycott the movie, even though it will likely be blatantly anti-Christian.

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