Friday, October 23, 2015

Progressives Want Your Kids Molested

There is a full on push to normalize pedophilia, with articles now having appeared in several media outlets. This is coordinated (perhaps unconsciously) in order to further the agenda. This time in the UK's Independent.

Not all paedophiles are bad people - we need to have a sense of proportion

I've seen "mainstream" leftists say no, this is wrong, this is too far, but it can't be stopped unless they reject the entirety of leftism because there's no stopping the slippery slope. It has never stopped in history except when the entirety of leftism is rejected. A leftist who says "I'm cool with gay marriage and tranny stuff, but not pedophilia" is a conservative, and will be as successful as the conservative who said "I'm cool with decriminalizing homosexuality, but not gay marriage" or the one who said "I'm cool with gay marriage, but not this tranny stuff." Even if the progressives overreach this time, it will only cause a brief pause in the advance. The articles will continue and people will be desensitized to the idea, the underlying concept behind it will be pushed to advance other deviant behaviors such as bestiality. Cthulhu swims left, left, left...

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