Thursday, September 10, 2015

Progressive Death

Secular Europe is dead, that is the only conclusion to draw from the insanity unfolding in Europe. This is how progressivism dies, to thunderous applause!

The Violent New (Or, Perhaps, Old) Meaning to Muslims of "Hegira"
Most recently, however, under the Islamic State, hijra has acquired a connotation that alienates it from its prior meanings. The Islamic State can only understand hijra as physical migration for the purpose of jihad. For the Islamic State’s crude and contrived medievalism, the past is of only instrumental value, to be refashioned in the service of violent conquest and savage repression. Far from being an ethical mode of remembering – a source of cultural continuity and consolation – hijra has been turned into a call to arms by this new self-proclaimed caliphate, which the vast majority of Muslims today do not recognize as part of their religion.

Oh Allah make their children orphans
Oh Allah make their wives life hard
Oh Allah make their children orphans
Oh Allah grant victory to Islam and Muslims everywhere
Oh Allah help our weakened brothers in Palestine
Allah Akbar
Their is no god but Allah
The Zionists are the enemy of Allah
There is no god but Allah
The martyrs are beloved by Allah

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