Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cultural War Reaches End Point: Pedo Acceptance

It's the end of the line for the Culture Wars. The culture will either go into full collapse as pedophilia is mainstreamed or a massive backlash is about to be unleashed. When I wrote After Polygamy Comes Pedophilia and Incest, I thought we had some time, maybe a decade or more. Now the pedo acceptance movement is pushing ahead full steam and right-wing outfits such as National Review have already capitulated. Yes, #NROPedos is a thing.

Vox Day writes:
Remember, SJWs are all about the Narrative. And what we're seeing here, as many have recognized, is the SJWs deciding that it's time to move on from Bruce Jenner and "transphobia" in order to start normalizing pedophilia. Because he "outraged the Right" and brought out "their nastiest rage", that is the signal that his position is the virtuous one. As for the pedophile's claims to have never touched a child sexually, do recall the truism: SJWs always lie.

We will see all the same arguments that we've seen since homosexuality was normalized. It's not their fault, love is love, no one is harmed, you're a bigot and on the wrong side of history if you dare to judge them on the basis of a sky fairy, and so forth. These are the early days, and we'll know they've been officially normalized in SJW eyes when McRapey hires Nickerson to do some art for him in order to signal his virtue.

But we are not the previous generation and we do not fall so readily for their moral modification sequence or the ever-shifting narrative. Our answer is a straightforward one. We reject tolerance, we reject pedophilia, and we reject pedophiles. They are monsters and there is no place for them in any rational or moral society.
Thoughts lead to actions. To promote the acceptance of "non-offending" pedos is to promote pedophilia. These people and all who promote them must be defeated.


  1. How horrifying is the abyss.

  2. I've never really worried about the professional left's eventual, inevitable attempt to normalize pedophilia. I've always worried about what they would normalize after that. Will the normalization and decrimininalization of cannibals and cannibalees be the hot button issue for SJWs in 2020? 30th trimester abortion in 2030?

    Trump willing, it won't be.





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