Tuesday, August 04, 2015

The War on Middle Class Whites

Sailer looks at the diversity heads at MIT and Google, whose job it will be to make sure there aren't too many Whites around. Of course, they're both White. You Can't Keep a Good White Male Down

Then there's the loser coal miners.
Coal Jobs Decline As Renewable Jobs Increase
Interestingly, despite the massive swing between job loss in the coal industry and job creation elsewhere, there is very little geographic overlap, and this comes down to several factors, says Pratson. “The areas where a lot of coal is mined in Appalachia, for example, are very rugged and heavily forested — not easy places to set up solar panels or wind farms.”

There are differences in the availability of state incentives for renewable energy as well, noted Haerer. “States with incentives have more growth,” he said. “The southeast is incentive-free, and there is almost no development of green energy there compared to other regions.”
Progressive solution: destroy middle class, high skilled jobs, then tax the hell out the area to fund make work industries that go to crony capitalists and raise the cost of energy for all the other middle class folks.

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