Friday, August 21, 2015

Anti-White Democratic Party Facing Electoral Hell

White Democrats love cheering on the browning of America, rubbing it in the faces of the wrong kinds of White people. The reality is the Democratic Party will turn brown first and it is already happening thanks to the "white supremacist liberals" who run the DNC. The old Whites of the DNC have held on to power and cultivated a younger generation of identitarian ethnic leaders who cannot translate their racial identity into national appeal, at least not without turning off all but the most self-hating progressives.
“It’s almost a crime,” Democratic Party Vice Chair Donna Brazile says. “We have been absolutely decimated at the state and local level.”

Taken as a whole, these six years have been almost historically awful for Democrats. You have to go back to the Great Depression and the Watergate years to find so dramatic a reversal of fortunes for a party. And this time, there’s neither a Great Depression nor a criminal conspiracy in the White House to explain what has happened.

When Obama came into the White House, it seemed like the Democrats had turned a corner generationally; at just 47, he was one of the youngest men to be elected as president. But the party has struggled to build a new generation of leaders around him. Eight years later, when he leaves office in 2017 at 55, he’ll actually be one of the party’s only leaders not eligible for Social Security. Even as the party has recently captured more young voters at the ballot box in presidential elections, its leaders are increasingly of an entirely different generation; most of the party’s leaders will fade from the national scene in the years ahead. Its two leading presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are 67 and 73. The sitting vice president, Joe Biden, is 72. The Democratic House leader, Nancy Pelosi, is 75; House Whip Steny Hoyer is 76 and caucus Chair James Clyburn is 75, as is Harry Reid, the Senate Democratic leader, who will retire next year. It’s a party that will be turning to a new generation of leaders in the coming years—and yet, there are precious few looking around the nation’s state houses, U.S. House or Senate seats.
There is a Great Depression. We're in the middle of it, the bear rally phase. From 1932 to 1937 the U.S. economy did well and the mood of the country was positive. As for a criminal conspiracy, there's Hillary's emails, Fast & Furious, IRS targeting of conservatives and Benghazi, to name a few. The media has covered this all up. If a Republican were president, we would hear non-stop about the homeless, the drug addicted, the people who have lost hope, job losses and more. To some extent, the Democrats are oblivious to this because they live in a media bubble of their own creation. White communities are being destroyed and hollowed out spiritually across America, and the Democratic party's message is "Ha ha you loser Whites! We're taking your country too!"
And the dramatic fallout in support from white working-class voters can be explained, in some progressives’ eyes, by a failure to address the plight of what was once the party’s base.

“These voters,” pollster Stan Greenberg wrote recently in the Washington Monthly, “are open to an expansive Democratic economic agenda—to more benefits for child care and higher education, to tax hikes on the wealthy, to investment in infrastructure spending, and to economic policies that lead employers to boost salaries for middle- and working-class Americans, especially women. Yet they are only ready to listen when they think that Democrats understand their deeply held belief that politics has been corrupted and government has failed. Championing reform of government and the political process is the price of admission with these voters.”
And increasingly, they will be turned off by the Democrat's anti-White agenda. A lot of the anti-white thinking in the Progressive movement is obscured because white people are saying it. White people know how to talk to White people, they share culture, language, the Democrats know their White relatives and how to reach them on policy issues. Thanks to multiculturalism and identity politics, the minorities who will replace them will not be able to. (Obama was a special case because he is half-white and raised in White culture.) Stripped of the outer layer of rhetoric and propaganda, anti-White screeds will be clear to all.

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