Monday, July 20, 2015

Yankeedom Too Racist, Needs More Blacks

It’s not Dixie’s fault
In fact, many of the racial injustices we associate with the South are actually worse in the North. Housing segregation between black and white residents, for instance, is most pervasive above the Mason-Dixon line. Of America’s 25 most racially segregated metropolitan areas, just five are in the South; Northern cities — Detroit, Milwaukee and New York — top the list. Segregation in Northern metro areas has declined a bit since 1990, but an analysis of 2010 census data found that Detroit’s level of segregation, for instance, is nearly twice as high as Charleston’s.

The division between black and white neighborhoods in the North is a result of a poisonous mix of racist public policies and real estate practices that reigned unchecked for decades. Until the mid-20th century, federal homeownership programs made it difficult for black Americans to get mortgages and fueled the massive growth of whites-only suburbs. Real estate agents openly discriminated against black aspiring homeowners, refusing to show them houses in predominately white communities.
Remember, northern whites vote democrat. Obama's HUD policy was created by White democrats. The goal of White democrats is to remove Black people from the cities and earn billions from gentrification. The way to counter their plan is to send more Blacks into the cities, move them into the wealthy White neighborhoods in New York, Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc. This is something the next Republican administration can do, thanks to the new HUD rules.

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