Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Other End of Diversity

One reason I believe it is hard to explain the problem of diversity to progressives and regular old liberals and Democrats, is they think opposition to diversity means removal of all non-X. In the mind of the Left, diversity isn't considered abstractly or even statistically, it is experienced and felt. A leftist thinks of diversity as having a few Asians, blacks, Hispanics, Indians and Muslims mixed into a majority White culture. It is funny when people say "Nigeria is 100% Diverse!" because diversity is about diluting Whites. That said, progressives don't follow the logic of their words because it is not logical. Diversity is New York City or Los Angeles, where White culture still predominates.

When the Whites are outnumbered, they flee.

The Not-So-Virtuous Cluster
The Wall Street Journal came out with an article a few years back documenting "The New White Flight," a twist on a term used to describe the phenomena of white people moving out of poor neighborhoods, taking their tax dollars with them, and often leaving the largely-black schools derelict and underfunded. At Lynbrook and nearby schools, the Journal writes, whites weren't quitting schools because the schools were bad. And they weren't harming them academically when they left; more Asians just moved in. "Quite the contrary: Many white parents say they're leaving because the schools are too academically driven and too narrowly invested in subjects such as math and science at the expense of liberal arts and extracurricular activities like sports and other personal interests.

"The two schools, put another way that parents rarely articulate so bluntly, are too Asian."

It wasn't until I read the article that I was able to recognize the code words that the administrators used were, intentionally or unintentionally, aimed at a countering an "Asian" school. I don't mean to suggest any covert or overt racism on the part of my school administrators. They are not racist. But what their words and policies did show was a lack of understanding of Asian academic drive. At my school, we were inoculated against the evils of doing things for college applications, counseled to lessen our workload, reminded that true meaning in life was found not in academic success but in "personal worth." I heard the phrase "self-esteem" so much that I wanted to throw up every time an inspirational speaker waltzed into our school.

Which leads me back to tiger parenting. Because the cultural gap wasn't just between Asian parents and school administrators. It was also between Asian students and white students; Asian parents and white parents. And tiger parenting was predictably viewed with either amusement (this is new?) or horror. It was as if on solely the issue of tiger parenting one could tease out from a randomly selected student or parent a vast array of demographic details, as specific as "what level math are you in."

And you could see it at the school. Walk into Advanced Placement Calculus BC math course and you'd have a hard time finding a white person, besides the (wonderful) teacher. Walk amongst the Asian students at lunch and you'd hear some pretty racist things said about white people. There was a somewhat famous SAT tutor in the region who told a white student, a student known for being extremely intelligent, that he was pretty much Asian. This didn't reflect so much on the tutor as on the culture because people agreed with him – the white student didn't play football, he didn't party, and his friends were almost all Asian as well. Especially in the higher grades, as classes began to diversify between difficult and easier, the racial self-segregation based on academic lines began to emerge in even greater clarity. White kids played football, smoked weed and hooked up on the weekends. Asians studied and took Instagram photos at McDonalds. (Interestingly, though, the Indians at my school were said to have a pretty raucous party scene. Cannot confirm as I was never invited.)
One has to laugh at what progressives consider racist.

In any event, here are your progressives of Silicon Valley, the types who come up with rainbow avatars for Facebook, fleeing to white only areas.

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