Monday, July 27, 2015

MLK Had A Dream, What We Got Is a Nightmare

Cuckservatism: Response to Taylor Millard
Like many others in the alt-right, I was a good, racially blind conservative until fairly recently. I approvingly cited MLK's maxim about the content of character.

However, what happened around 2008 or so is that the Democrat Party openly declared war on white people. You've seen the screeds about white privilege, reparations, diversity programs, and open borders all couched in explicitly anti-white lines. This isn't a "conspiracy theory." It's what they, themselves, say to anyone who's listening. They hate white people. "White male" is a pejorative whenever spoken by a Democrat.

Their open, stated goal is to strip white people of all "privileges" we have---including our incomes, our neighborhoods, and our avoidance of incarceration---and no one on the mainstream right is willing to stand up to it. Because to do so would mean saying words like "white people," "the white community," "white culture," and "white interests," and you have agreed with the left that those things are evil and illegitimate, and that anyone who disagrees is a Nazi. We all know you will be literally called a Nazi if you ever say, "the white community" except to talk about how it needs to be diversified, i.e., not exist.
This. I really don't think older white conservatives understand that most of us fully internalized the MLK "dream." We believed it to the max. We expected racial harmony. What we got is anti-white hate. How can people not see how this is going to turn out? White people became the most anti-racist as one can possibly be, and the response from progressives, SJWs and minorities is to say whites are more racist than ever. They're aiming their hate at the least racist whites of all, the youngest people. Older conservatives simply have no idea what is going on in youth media and the schools. They are completely clueless.
Most of us really like capitalism, meritocracy, property rights, and the rule of law. Unlike you we recognize that the left's program of demographic replacement will destroy those things forever, and that those values, as "universally good" as they may be, are largely only attractive to persons of Anglo-European heritage....

You know what's short-sighted? Displacement-level immigration. Hispanics are not going to vote for freedom and capitalism. They don't vote for it in Mexico, they don't vote for it in Venezuela, they don't vote for it in Colombia, they don't vote for it in Bolivia, they don't vote for it in Argentina, they don't vote for it in Brazil, they don't vote for it in Chile, they don't vote for it in Guatemala, and they're not going to vote for it here.
How hard it this to understand?

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