Friday, July 10, 2015

Look at These Japanese Bigots Appropriating Western Culture

At 17 minutes, look at the red wig and fake freckles! So offensive, are you not offended?

If there were white SJWs in Japan, they would go ballistic, try to have the play banned, the director black listed, the actors doxxed and harassed for their offensive behavior and participation in this hate event. These people are bat shit insane and must be dealt as the crazies they are.
iSteve: Claude Monet Is the New Donald Trump
At a celebration for departing MFA director Malcolm Rogers on June 24, a small group of protesters stood vigil. “This is appropriation, this is Orientalism,” read one sign. Rogers himself didn’t seem fazed, telling the Globe, “A little controversy never did any harm.”

But the protesters were back on July 1.

“Asian-Americans in this country have a history of being mis- or underrepresented — they’re either completely absent from the media or only depicted as Kung Fu, exoticized, mystical, dragon ladies, prostitutes, or what have you,” said Christina Wang, 29, who held a sign that read, “Try on the kimono, learn what it’s like to be a racist imperialist !!!today!!!” She added: “This event that the MFA is putting on — asking the public to come don the kimono — is part of that legacy.”
A handful of these crazies managed to shut down the exhibit.

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