Friday, July 24, 2015

How The Gays Reproduce: Child Molestation

Those who promote gay marriage promote child molestation
What sets gay culture apart from straight culture is the belief that early sex is good and beneficial, and the sure knowledge (don’t think for a second that they DON’T know) that the only way to produce another homosexual is to provide a boy with sexual experiences BEFORE he can be “ruined” by attraction to a girl.

If you’re OK with that, and you might not be, it is worth your consideration. If you think I am wrong, that is your privilege, but watch out for the VAST number of stories of sexual abuse AND transgenderism that will come about from these gay “marriages.” Already the statistics for sexual abuse of children of gays are astronomically high compared to that suffered by the children of straights.

Vox comments:
Prior to the establishment of the federal parody of marriage, children were 10 times more likely to be molested by a parent or adult guardian if their mother was a lesbian and 3 times more often if their father was gay. As Miss Grey predicts, imagine how that ratio is going to explode if both "parents" are gay; the math indicates it will be somewhere between 9 times and 100 times more often; given the greater access to children necessarily involved, it will probably be closer to the latter figure.
Moira Grey obliterates the rainbow.

Take the most "bigoted" thing you've ever heard, it is probably much closer to reality than the official mainstream opinion. It isn't a truism, you can't simply take a bigoted position and expect it to be true, but if you can't explain why an idea is wrong, if the only reason you think it is bad to think X is because you've been told it's bad to do so, then you need to pursue this crimethought. The woman quoted above is not simply dropping a nuke on the homosexual agenda, she is saying something that was common knowledge 50 years ago. Unreality is very hard to maintain and when it can no longer be maintained, it collapses completely. Think of all the people who will be made fools of when the truth is revealed, the shame will be deep for people who realize they are today actively helping place children into the most evil of situations. Once the Narrative fails, the dam breaks.

Nous sommes le déluge.

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