Friday, July 24, 2015

Cuckservative. Itz Happening

The Left Versus The Internet
One element of internet subculture which is persistently invoked is the drive for free expression (often of the most politically incorrect variety possible), unhampered by restrictions of either an economic or governmental variety, and certainly without regard for offended parties.

The Democratic party, dominated as it is by multiculturally-minded quasi-socialists, many of whom have arguably been long since emasculated by sensitivity training, speech codes and other cornerstones of ‘progressive’ victim-mongering, could not possibly provide a satisfactory home to such people.
The cuckservative is a progressive in conservative clothing. They fully buy into the progressive narrative: Democratcs are the real racists, Republicans are the real pro-immigration party, Republicans are color blind, etc. Notice the cuckservative and even progressive response to the term, skipping "you racist" and going straight to "white supremacist." Although some are focused on race, the term cuckservative is broad and encompasses many issues.

Trying to frame cuckservative as anti-Christian is the ultimate fail. Another way to think of the cuckservative is as the progressive dhimmi. Muslim conquerors had their Jewish and Christian dhimmis. If other Jews and Christians slammed their own as dhimmi, they were not being anti-Jewish or anti-Christian, but anti-Muslim.
as "People of the Book," Jews (and Christians) are protected under Islamic law. The traditional concept of the "dhimma" ("writ of protection") was extended by Muslim conquerors to Christians and Jews in exchange for their subordination to the Muslims. Peoples subjected to Muslim rule usually had a choice between death and conversion, but Jews and Christians, who adhered to the Scriptures, were allowed as dhimmis (protected persons) to practice their faith. This "protection" did little, however, to insure that Jews and Christians were treated well by the Muslims. On the contrary, an integral aspect of the dhimma was that, being an infidel, he had to openly acknowledge the superiority of the true believer--the Muslim.
The progressive media has come to the defense of cuckservatives.

The left is enjoying the show with Trump and cuckservative because they think the Right is fighting among itself. It is cheering the destruction of its own propaganda.

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