Thursday, July 16, 2015

Bubble Boys

How Google distorts your view of the world
But perhaps the most troubling accusation about the search giant is that it distorts our view of the world, giving us a fatally flawed idea of what is going on around us.

This problem is known as the “filter bubble”: as Google learns from your searches and makes its results increasingly personalised and tailored to you, you stop seeing anything else.

“There’s a narrowing down of focus,” psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg, who works with adolescents, told “For most of my clients, Kim Kardashian is important, but the arms deal the US signed with Iran is not really on their radar. By and large, the focus is on peers, school, parents and reality TV.

“Parents used to sit around the table and have conversations with their children, but now they are distracted by this stuff themselves.”
If Google and Facebook are creating a bubble, the progressives are America's bubble boys. It is impossible to avoid the progressive media bubble.

Most people aren't interested in being challenged, let alone even care about non-entertaining topics. Most discussion of these topics is itself barely beyond superficial. "Serious" publications such as The Economist are fully ensconced in the bubble and don't often prick it.

The Internet is pure democracy. People see what they want to see. Google is a mirror.

Progressives are disturbed by their own reflections.

I don't think Google filter is bad. Actually, I'd like to see a stronger filter that is Kardashian proof. I wouldn't want to become ignorant of wider society, but I'd like to see it kept to the bare minimum. Right now the best filter is to shut off the TV first, then the Internet. There's no reason why even a dumb algorithm couldn't work though. Ask People Magazine to create a media filter for their fans, then use it as the starting point for a blacklist.

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