Monday, July 06, 2015

Accelerationism in Action: Comedians are the Prophets Of Our Time

People like to look at science fiction predictions from 100 years ago. A lot of times the predictions are vaguely correct, perhaps envisioning wireless telecommunications, but the prediction becomes less accurate as you get into the details of it because so much can change over time. Satire can be similar, a movie such as Idiocracy or Sexmission extrapolates current trends, but may struggle with the details. Thanks to accelerating social change, more recent satire, even if seemingly ridiculous at the time, can turn into extreme accurate predictions because they are near enough in time.

If someone is sitting on the fence about what force is in power in America, this video should do the trick. This was not an attempt at prophesy or predicting the future, is was meant as total mockery of a foolish segment of the American population that most people 10 years ago would have laughed at. Many of those people have become the joke.

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