Thursday, June 11, 2015

Science: Homophobia Prevents AIDS; Grinder Is The Digitized HIV

"Homophobia" (aka traditional culture) prevents AIDS, but new causal sex apps threaten to spread AIDS across traditional societies.

Cathedral: don't be homophobic!

Normal: ban these apps!

Casual sex apps threaten to fuel HIV in anti-gay European nations - health experts
A growing use of casual sex apps in European countries where discrimination against homosexuality is rife, threatens to fuel a rising number of HIV cases in the region, health researchers said on Wednesday.

Gay and bisexual men in countries with high levels of homophobia used to have fewer sexual partners than those in other countries but that is changing with new technologies like mobile phone apps, according to a study in the journal AIDS.

But at the same time gay and bisexual men in these countries are less likely to use HIV services because of fear of discrimination and violence upon disclosure of their sexuality.

As a result, they know little about HIV and are less likely to use condoms or be diagnosed with the virus, putting them at greater risk, the study said.
Homophobia keeps gays healthy!
"Our findings are surprising as it may appear it's effectively safer for men to stay in the closet in the most homophobic countries," Hickson said.

"But the closet ... is also a place where men are kept ignorant, under resourced and poorly skilled when dealing with sex and HIV."
The big hole with the reasearchers' thinking is that people are using these apps TO GET AIDS.

NSFW: Grinder thread - NSFW (duh, f*g sex app)

Bug chasing: Men deliberately trying to catch HIV for sexual thrill in astonishing craze

This isn't some media hysteria, there is a wikipedia entry: Bugchasing

The evidence is clear: suppression of homosexuality is positive for gays. Apps such as Grindr are a public health threat and should be banned. Any society that claims to be "homophobic" must ban these apps immediately to protect their homosexual population from AIDS. The AIDS virus is trying to end around the natural anti-virus of traditional morality. Let's fight AIDS and ban Grindr. Then work on taking positive steps to reintroduce traditional morality and eradicate the AIDS virus once and for all.

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