Saturday, June 13, 2015

Jenner Is A Man and Dolezal Is White, Or Jenner Is Whatever She Wants and Dolezal Is Whatever She Wants

As near as I can tell, the progressive/SJW/libertarian argument for why Jenner is OK and Dolezal isn't is because Jenner is honest, but Dolezal lied.

This is a total non-sequiter.

The issue at hand isn't whether Dolezal lied, it's whether anyone can in fact claim to be transracial.

Genetically speaking, a person can probably present more evidence of being transracial than transgender. Not only that, but race is also expressed culturally. When Bill Clinton claimed to be the first black president, he wasn't talking about his skin color or having sickle cell. If you decided tomorrow to declare you were Japanese, moved to Japan and seriously made an effort to "be" Japanese, I'd say you could definitely make a much stronger case for "being" Japanese than a transgender can make for being the other gender, perhaps with some exceptions. That is to say, ANYONE could probably "pass" or "assimilate" into another culture to the point at which the locals would say you are one of them.

The Left has a problem because of their claims of gender (race!) fluidity and rejection of science.

If race and gender are social constructs, then Jenner can be a woman and Dolezal can be black, AS CAN ANYONE AND EVERYONE ELSE.

Instead of confronting their internal contractions, the Cathedral is whipping into overdrive with Narrative formation. The Narrative is evil social conservatives are pointing to Dolezal and trying to undermine leftism. They're not going to deal with the issues at all, average progressive look to the Authority to tell them what to think.

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