Thursday, June 11, 2015

Flood Segregated Progressive Cities With Public Housing

We must fight segregation in America! The wealthiest cities are the whitest cities and that cannot stand. San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, Minneapolis, Boston, these cities need massive public housing projects! Also Malibu, Beverly Hills, go down a list of rich areas and you will find them overwhelmingly white.

The fact is that too many African-Americans are living among racist whites in America's southeast, when they would fare much better in the progressive, but racially segregated Northeast, Northwest and wealthy parts of California.

Here Comes The "Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing" Rule: How Obama Will Centrally-Plan Your Neighborhood
But who doesn't want a government-mandated surge in crime? Then again, as with everything else by the administration whose shroud of TPP secrecy, as we learned yesterday, was dictated by the Big Pharma corporations who stand to reap huge benefits with its passage, there appears to be a far more ulterior motive: if passed, the act "could also tilt the balance of political power as more minorities are
funneled into Republican-leaning neighborhoods, he suggested."

Here some critics could be allowed to scream in terror at the following thought experiment: first a permissive immigration policy allowing the naturalization of millions of illegal immigrants in exchange for a vote at the next election, and then providing said "voter" with a house just down your street.

Actually scratch what we said about 1965 USSR: not even there could such a massive governmental overreach pass without some rather unpleasant social retaliation. Then again this is 2015 USA.

Incidentally, there is already an example of a "noble" idea at helping the poor going horribly wrong: one which the Supreme Court is expected to rule on in the near future.

The Supreme Court is expected to weigh in on housing discrimination in a related case in the coming weeks. At issue is whether government policies that unintentionally create a disparate impact for minority communities violate federal laws against segregation.

The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs is facing accusations that it makes low-income housing funds more readily available in minority neighborhoods than in white neighborhoods. This promotes segregation, critics argue, by encouraging minorities to continue living in poor communities where government assistance is available.
That said, since those most impacted by the passage of this act would be the wealthiest backers of Obama administration whose real estate values would promptly plunge should the rule be enacted, we doubt it has a high chance of passing. We could be wrong.

As for the president, little did we realize just how greatly we, and everyone else, had misread the definition of "community organizer."
This is an issue that screams for malicious compliance under a Republican president.

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  1. The problem is progressives always act to avoid the consequences of their own actions. So if diversity is harming them they move to and act as entryists infecting red states with their poison before implementing the same evil then the cycle repeats.





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