Thursday, May 21, 2015

They Want To Lower The Age of Consent

Imagine the Girl Scouts allowed men to be scout leaders. Do you think that would attract men who are interested in teens? Sexually speaking, there's no difference between allowing adult men to go camping with sexually mature teenage girls and allowing homosexual men to go camping with teenage boys. In both cases, you're dealing with the male sex drive.
Barton said it “would be silly to think that a higher percentage of gay men want to do harm to boys than straight men.” But he said he and other parents he knows still have reservations about gay Scout leaders accompanying groups of boys on camping trips.

“Just the conversations I hear from people about gay adult leaders — that there may be some who try to take advantage of it just to be around boys,” he said. “I guess we'll just hope that background checks and stuff pick up on that.”
People like this should be charged with child endangerment, at the very least they are negligent and grossly incompetent.

Boy Scouts president's call to end gay leader ban draws mixed reaction


  1. More promiscuity at younger though pubescent ages instead of marital relationships with all of its attendant ills as well as homosexuality.

  2. This is an older post, and abuse is a serious issue in American society today. But let's say, hypothetically, what if a 17-year-old has an affair with an older woman, do you think it should also be illegal at all times?





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