Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Inside the War on Progress

Fascinating insight into the mentality driving the slow motion collapse of Western economies. The "managers" of the West are completely detached from science and economics as they pursue an impossible Utopia. The internal contradictions, or rather the chain of destructive logic, is right in the open. First, war on coal, which is mainly fought by cheap natural gas. Then, a war on fracking and a war on natural gas. At that point your cheap electricity is gone and your GDP will be struggling to increase. Next, flood the country will millions of low skilled immigrants whose presence alone drives up energy demand. All done via the power of rent-seeking, pagan Nature worship and ignorance. The icing on the cake is the climate change hysteria.

Politico: Inside the war on coal
There will be no formal surrender in the war on coal, no battleship treaty to mark the end. But Beyond Coal’s leaders believe they can finish most of their work setting the U.S. electric sector on a greener path over the next five years. The next phase of the war on carbon would be to try to electrify everything else—cars and trains that use oil-derived gasoline and diesel, as well as homes and businesses that rely on natural gas and heating oil. Nilles hopes power companies like OG&E and DTE that Beyond Coal has spent the last decade fighting with—but then cutting deals with—can become allies in Phase Two. And allies will be vital, because if King Coal seems like a rich and powerful enemy, it’s a pushover compared to Big Oil.

“Once we’ve taken out coal, we’ll need to take on oil, and who better to help than our new friends in the utility sector who can make money from electrification?” Nilles says with a grin. “It’s a long fight. This is how we win.”

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