Friday, May 29, 2015

Crowdism Is Rabbitism

Leftists conceal their agenda behind accusations
Most people fall to understand that Crowdism exists for a single reason, which is to avoid consequences of the actions of those in the Crowd. They fear any higher standard which will reveal them to be dumber, more shortsighted, less moral, or of deprecated utility compared to others. They want a zero standard which approximates the lowest possible so that they have no chance of failing. Their hope is to avoid any confrontation with reality, or those who notice reality, by discriminating against those of higher intelligence while simultaneously accusing that group of discriminating against the “disadvantaged,” a.k.a. anyone not doing so well under a reasonably realistic social system.

The goal of Crowdism — and by extension, of liberalism — is to avoid those who might notice that the Crowd ideal is out of line with reality. Crowdists work to make jobs into mind-numbing tedium, society into a series of bureaucratic tasks, and to ruin the family and any other honest attributes of society. This drives away the smarter people, who require more from life than bread and circuses, and allows the idiots to take over. This is the sole reason for their focus on discrimination; they are guilty of it themselves, and they want to distract from this so that no one notices the ongoing removal of the smart and their replacement with obedient near-dunces who, in the time-honored tradition of those smart enough to make fun of others but not understand their own failings, will proclaim themselves natural leaders and promptly push their civilization into ruin.
One of the many great insights in The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics was how rabbits favor indirect conflict and even random violence. The K-selected seek out direct confrontation and enjoy competition. Rabbits (r-selected) flee competition and fear being judged for their actions. K-selected abhor random violence more than conflict, r-selected prefer random violence to conflict.

r-selected do not like it when K-selected analyze a crime or violent situation, such as when a husband beats his wife and you learn the wife had subjected him to hours of psychological abuse before hand, or you see Michael Brown's strong-arm robbery, grabbing an officers gun and charging the officer, or Trayvon Martin being involved in possible criminal activities and wanting to beat up a "creepy ass cracker," or a rape victim getting blitzed at a bar and going home with a stranger. r-selected do not want to see others judged, lest they themselves be judged. This leads to bizarre charges of people "deserving" what they got, but this only opens another window into r-selected psychology. They know/fear they deserve punishment.

In discrimination, the r-selected fear being judged, and instead of allowing a system where the hard working, intelligent, considerate and helpful are rewarded, they create a system that redirects the discriminatory impulse towards removing those who would likely be best positioned to judge them in the workplace or organization.

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