Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pedophilia Got Its Groove Back

So we get polygamy after gay marriage, then incest, then ephebophilia, then pedophilia. The late days of Rome indeed!

We should have a betting pool on when each of these is decriminalized or legalized.

Given the public record of those years, it seemed, if anything, overdue to talk of “pedophilia chic,” as I did in the Weekly Standard in two essays written several years apart (1996 and 2001). Those essays consisted mostly of quotations, sometimes long ones, from a variety of public sources. They demonstrated something that most people would have thought shocking then, as most people still do today—that the moral dumbing-down of both pedophilia (sexual attraction to children) and ephebophilia (sexual attraction to teenagers) was making slow but steady progress in sophisticated society. And while a few critics resisted having that record held to the light, their objections were beside the point. The facts themselves about who said what during those years to define down the phenomenon of sex with minors were beyond dispute. They still are.


  1. ''ephebophilia (sexual attraction to teenagers)''

    What do you think of the fact that puberty(In ancient cultures like tribal cultures and Ancient Greece Rome and Israel) used to be the line from childhood to adulthood and the fact that Men and Women both came of age in their teens?

    Ancient Israel had this tradition:
    The Mishnah sets the age of maturity for a female at twelve years and six months:

    "she won her case in court before she matured [at the age of twelve years and six months], lo, they belong to the father." Mishnah Ketubot, 4:1.

    The Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible in volume 2, page 1407, under "Marriage", states this about Jewish marriage customs:

    "Subsequently, minimum ages (for marriage) of 13 for boys and 12 for girls were set."

    Jim West, Th.D., writes in an online article titled, "Ancient Israelite Marriage Customs":

    "The wife was to be taken from within the larger family circle (usually at the ‘outset of puberty’ or around the age of 13) in order to maintain the purity of the family line." (Source)

    Why do we criminalize what used to be healthy and normal? But in regards to pedophilia(Sexual attraction to prepubscent children) The Ancients also did not endorse and opposed.

    ''It is not only fornication, but also the giving in marriage prematurely, that is called fornication; when, so to speak, one not of ripe age is given to a husband, either of her own accord or by her parents.'' (Clement of Alexandria, IX.-Fragment of the Treatise on Marriage, Early Church Fathers - Ante-Nicene Fathers, Volume II; online edition; bold and underline emphasis ours)

  2. Age of first marriage has been rising over time. At least in England, by the 16th Century first marriages were in the 20s. Today many people act like teenagers into their 30s. Issues of brain development or culture are in play. An 18 year old in 1700 was probably more mature than many 28 year olds today.

    Take the patriarchal test: imagine you have a teenage daughter being pursued by a 30+/40+ year old man. Do you approve or not?

    1. Depends on the man. If his character and his abilities are up to scratch. Of course that man will have to go through me first before I hand over my daughter into his care.





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