Thursday, April 23, 2015

Does the Media Coordinate with the Democratic Party?

Whenever life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Wisconsin Goes to the Supremes
Specific injustices aside, the U.S. Justices should also hear the case because it is part of a larger legal effort to subvert their 2010 Citizens United ruling. The game is to use the theory of “coordination,” which allows vast investigations to be instigated on the thinnest evidence, to sweep issue speech back into the regulatory umbrella of campaign-finance law.

The liberal Brennan Center for Justice is pushing regulations coast to coast that would reduce protections for issue speakers and encourage “coordination” probes. The Wisconsin case is an opening for the Court to tell prosecutors and regulators they must tread carefully when rights of free association are involved.
Assume the laws are strengthened. How hard would it be to prove coordination between the Media and the DNC, two wings of the Cathedral? What would be a proper punishment for a news organization that behaves in this manner? Television stations could be stripped of their licenses, papers could have their physical assets seized. Turn those assets over to more impartial journalists.

Since the media was already politically controlled in Hungary, all it took was the will of Viktor Orban to clean out the socialists and replace them with anti-socialists. Amazingly, support for socialists imploded once there wasn't a constant stream of socialist messaging pumped into people's homes.

Orban continues to push against the media:
Over the last year, his government has taken steps to exert control over Hungary’s media. It introduced a progressive tax on advertising revenues, though only one company is subject to the tax’s top rate: Hungary’s most popular commercial TV station, RTL Klub, owned by the German media conglomerate Bertelsmann. RTL’s nightly news has become more aggressive and critical; and in response, Fidesz politicians attack its journalists at press conferences or refuse to answer their questions. “They consider our news to be opposition news,” says Dirk Gerkens, the station’s chief executive officer. “But that’s not the case. Our news is independent. We’re not going to talk about the guys in opposition that are basically doing nothing.”

The problem for conservatives is they do not understand that "fair play" should not be extended to cheaters, liars and fraudsters who use the rules of "fair play" and "free speech" to silence the speech of others. The left violates the rules of the game and creates the very laws which can be used to, if not destroy them, make their destruction of Western society a much slower, harder slog than it is today. So if the left succeeds in passing strict coordination laws that allow prosecutors to go on fishing expeditions through email and phone records, and a sympathetic prosecutor is in the DA's office, then the pieces might be in place for an amputation of the Cathedral's media arm at the state level. No doubt the national media would be unified in their denunciation of this policy, which would look a lot like coordination with the national Democratic Party......

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