Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Chemtrails Caused Malia's Asthma

President Obama is a believer in chemtrails, ancient astronauts, autism causing vaccines and more!

Obama says climate change is personal to him because daughter Malia had an asthma attack as a toddler
While making the case that higher temperatures lead to increases in wildfires, which send allergy-causing particulates into the air that can lead to greater and more serious incidents of asthma, the president recalled his own child's run-in with the disease as a toddler.
Ho Lee Fuk. Obama thinks higher temperatures causes wildfires! Dear Lord, the man has a 5-year child's understanding of science!
'While most Americans see climate change hitting their communities through extreme weather events – from more severe droughts and wildfires to more powerful hurricanes and record heat waves – there are other threats climate change poses to the American people,' the White House said in a fact sheet outlining the new public health campaign.

The percentage of Americans with asthma has 'more than doubled' in the last three decades, the fact sheet stated, 'and climate change is putting these individuals and many other vulnerable populations at greater risk of landing in the hospital.'

Most at risk for climate change related health problems are children, the elderly, the poor, people who are already sick 'and some communities of color,' the White House said.
Your President America!

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