Thursday, April 02, 2015

Blood on SJW Hands

Update: I didn't realize that this was Stokes' SECOND HEART.

'Noncompliance' bars 15-year-old Atlanta boy from heart transplant list
But the teenager has been handed a 'death sentence' by doctors at the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, who refuse to put him on the transplant waiting list because of previous behavioral issues, according to civil rights groups.

They ruled that because Stokes has failed to take medication in the past, his noncompliance rules him out of the chance to get a new heart.
He didn't take his meds and his body rejected the heart, then he needed another one.

Original post follows: Here is a good example of rabbits (r) overriding the wolves' (K) system. The hospital is K because it has scarce resources; it cannot be r even if it wants. The roving horde of SJWs online, have no such restrictions. Now let's see the results when K's give in to r's.

Teen talks to Channel 2 about journey to get new heart
He had a small bandage on his neck, the only visible sign of the life-saving heart transplant Stokes underwent nearly two months ago.

Stokes' case gained national attention, after Children's Healthcare of Atlanta rejected the 15-year-old as a transplant candidate because they learned he had a juvenile record.

Stokes told Moore he had gotten into trouble after some fights at school. He said he forgives the hospital for judging him.

"Because God, he like, said forgive," Stokes said.

Stokes said deserves a second chance because he has the rest of his life to live.

"So I can live. A second chance. Get a second chance and do, do things I want to do," Stoke said.
There is a dead child somewhere, denied a life saving heart transplant, because this guy was put back on the list after SJW clamoring. These choices are made all the time and the hospitals have rigorous standards that help decide who will and will not receive an organ transplant. SJWs overrode the hospital with social pressure. Here is the result.

Heart transplant recipient Anthony Stokes dies in police chase, crash
“A lady said a person kicked in the door to break into the house. She was inside the living room and saw the suspect, who was wearing a mask,” said Lisa Holland, with the Roswell Police Department.

The suspect then took off. Police said a short time later, an officer saw the suspect and began to chase him down Alpharetta Highway.

“I couldn't believe that I was seeing something like that. I usually only see it on TV,” said witness Brett Dudley.

Dudley took cellphone video of the chase as the car lost control and then crashed into the pole in front of a SunTrust Bank at Hembree Road and Highway 9.

"He did a fishtail spin going around to the right and hit a pedestrian. I saw a white shirt fly up in the air,” said witness Claudia Kuklis.

That white shirt belonged to a woman who police say was walking along Hembree Road when the suspect came barreling through.

Hernandez was taken to North Fulton Hospital. She is stable in good condition.

Crews had to cut Stokes from his car, which was nearly cut in half by the pole. He was taken to a nearby hospital, where he died.
Learn more about r/K theory at Anonymous Conservative and definitely read The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics if you haven't yet.

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