Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Our Children Are Being Programmed

Do what thou feel

A few weeks ago, I learned that students are exposed to this sort of thinking well before crossing the threshold of higher education. A misleading distinction between fact and opinion is embedded in the Common Core. Fact: Something that is true about a subject and can be tested or proven. Opinion: What someone thinks, feels, or believes. ...Students are taught that claims are either facts or opinions. They are given quizzes in which they must sort claims into one camp or the other but not both. But if a fact is something that is true and an opinion is something that is believed, then many claims will obviously be both. For example, I asked my son about this distinction after his open house. He confidently explained that facts were things that were true whereas opinions are things that are believed. We then had this conversation: Me: “I believe that George Washington was the first president. Is that a fact or an opinion?” Him: “It’s a fact.” Me: “But I believe it, and you said that what someone believes is an opinion.” Him: “Yeah, but it’s true.” Me: “So it’s both a fact and an opinion?” The blank stare on his face said it all.
It is not only Common Core, but the fact that this is a part of Common Core shows how much worse things will be if you send your children to a public school or a private school which bases its curriculum on bad philosophy and morality, or worse, amorality. Vox:
In summary, our public schools teach students that all claims are either facts or opinions and that all value and moral claims fall into the latter camp. The punchline: there are no moral facts. And if there are no moral facts, then there are no moral truths.

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