Sunday, March 01, 2015

Neoreaction Is Not A Zionist Conspiracy

Michael Enoch at The Right Stuff made a charge against NRx and it has been answered. TRS: Another OvenSide Chat with Mike. Enoch's main issue with NRx, which he otherwise agrees with in many ways, is Moldbug's dismissal of Kevin MacDonald's research.

Social Matter puts forth a solid case that this criticism is lacking. Cutting to the punchline:
The Jews qua Jews are so uniquely destabilizing that no Jew could ever be trusted with any amount of power. They should be banned from our organization (presuming we had one) and probably forcibly relocated to a homeland of their own.
Social Matter goes on in Neoreaction is a Jewish Conspiracy to Thwart the Incipient National Socialist Revolution
Satisfied with the question of the Jews, neoreactionaries notice that the rot in Western civilization frequently attributed solely to the Jews had in fact existed long before subversive Jews did (see: Jim). Neoreactionaries notice that there exists an entire science of civilization with its own laws and principles. They notice that the architecture of contemporary civilization is slowly disintegrating.
The whole post is worth reading, it contains a lot of links to other sources within NRx.
Here is Outside In on the JQ:
This blog is surreptitiously sympathetic to WN claims that it is being systematically evaded on the Right out of evasive cowardice. The main reason for this evasion is that anti-semitic WNs tend to be over-excitable, inarticulate proles, whose commentary — to quote Liddell — is characterized by “humourless, droning, brittle outrage” if not outright splenetic abuse.

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