Thursday, March 19, 2015

Do You Want To Destroy America or Save America?

Chris Caldwell's review of Diversity Explosion: How New Racial Demographics Are Remaking America, by William H. Frey

The Browning of America
Clashes await. Frey sometimes has a sharp eye for them. Only 23% of those born in the Baby Boom generation and before believe America’s new diversity is a “change for the better”; 42% call it a change for the worse. The interests of America’s aging, infertile white population and its young, fecund immigrants will necessarily diverge, in ways that have nothing to do with anyone’s good or ill will. Both groups are dependent on government services, but in different ways. Sixteen percent of whites are over 65, versus 7% of minorities. The former, broadly speaking, want cheap drugs, lavish pensions, and a labor market in which young people will push wheelchairs and fix meals for next to nothing; the latter want new schools for their children, government-funded day care, and a so-called living wage. This year, for the first time, white families are supporting more dependent seniors than children. For them, the welfare state is no longer in any sense an “investment,” the way its social-democratic designers used to claim. It is, to use an appropriately Baby Boom expression, a drag.
If Baby Boomers wanted to do one thing to help their children, they would vote to abolish Social Security and Medicare, and tear down the entire welfare state. (There could still be a program to fund existing recipients, but the system must be designed to die when the Boomers die). If they do not, when they pass from this world the state apparatus of wealth extraction will ramp itself up and eradicate the wealth of their children and grandchildren. The welfare state is a wealth extraction system and the wealth is increasingly concentrated among minorities. Whites babies are already a minority. Asians are a minority. Jews are a minority. And together, they will be hated, as they are all over the world (see Amy Chua's World on Fire).

Such statistics lend themselves to reflections about decadence and to questions about what it is we are really importing. It is not so much diversity, perhaps, and not so much labor, as traditional families. A third of Hispanic households consist of families in which a married couple lives with children, and a third of Hispanics are under 18. A third of Asian-American households consist of these families, too, and the country’s Asian population is now ten times what it was in 1970. Among whites, by contrast, such families make up only a fifth of households—except in those rare communities nationwide where the white population is growing. There, white habits resemble those of immigrants, with a third of families consisting of married couples and children.
Two points. One, the nuclear family is the core of a civilized society. If you want to help build civilization, get married, stay married and have children. Avoid divorced people and single mothers. Divorce, like obesity, is contagious. Move to a traditional, religiously centered community and you will meet positive peer pressure. Even if you're in a bad area, join organizations that favor/promote/help the family. Two, if amnesty is defeated and immigration is severely restricted, the native population will stabilize as the infertile natives die off and the fertile natives increase. We only need to win one victory. Everything else is a complete distraction. ISIS, taxes, cultural marxism, all of it is secondary and tertiary to preventing demographic replacement because those battles will be decided by demographics. Here's a funny part:

This may be because Southerners are nicer than Northerners, but Frey argues persuasively that the federal government was more able to enforce the Fair Housing Act of 1968 in new housing than in old, and most new housing built after 1968 was in the Sunbelt. By measures not just of segregation but also of income, poverty, and educational attainment, blacks today do considerably better in states that were segregated until the 1960s than in states that were not.
Yes, the North is more racist and hostile to minorities than the South. What is up with those racist progressives?
But once whites are a negligible part of the electorate, whose incomes (or life expectancies, or college achievements) are aggrieved minorities’ to be contrasted with? If blacks remain poor when whites are merely another L.A. minority, what kind of remedies will be suggested by the Mexican-American power structure and its Asian supporters? If whites are poorer than, say, Asians, against whose incomes will the poorest minorities’ be calibrated? Assuming whites cannot be transformed from a repentant majority into a scapegoat minority (on the model of European Jews historically, or the Chinese in Southeast Asia more recently), then our ability to make “voluntary” inter-ethnic transfers of money, jobs, and prestige may be nearing its end.
Imagine that progressives try to take money from a white minority in California and Asians do have higher income. What is more likely, that everyone piles onto the whites, or the whites turn on the smaller Asian minority and they become the scapegoats hated by all? It is the Jews and Asians who are going to end up in the line of fire when America is on fire because there are far more poor whites.

People like to say America is an idea. I still believe it is. But what is going on in America today is an attempt to replace the American idea with the European imported progressive idea. This isn't being done by a battle of ideas, but demographic replacement. The progressive solution to the problem of American exceptionalism is to reduce everything to race. If the progressives win, everything will be lost. American will no longer be an idea, not even a progressive idea, but a battlefield of tribal warfare. It will be America devolved into a greater Yugoslavia. We still have a chance to fight for America, but the day is fast approaching when we may be forced to cut bait. To engage with a tribal America is to be pulled into base tribalism. Instead, if there is no way to save America the physical, we must preserve America the ideal in our own families and communities. A new nation.

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