Saturday, February 21, 2015

When The Progressive Rabbit Screams, Bite Harder

With rabbits, the truer the charge, the louder the screams. Leftists go into instant defense mode when being accused of being unpatriotic because they are not patriotic. The charge sticks like tar. They do not love America as it is or Americans as they are, they love an ideal of America that does not exist until the progressives have total power to smash their enemies. They side with America's enemies over her allies.

Finally, there's one national politician not named Sarah Palin willing to speak the truth:

Giuliani: Obama influenced by communists since youth
Rudy Giuliani doubled down on his claims that President Obama doesn’t “love America” in an interview with The Post Friday — claiming the commander-in-chief has been influenced by communists since his youth.
“From the time he was 9 years old, he was influenced by Frank Marshall Davis, who was a communist,” Giuliani said. The ex-mayor added that Obama’s grandfather introduced him to Davis, a writer and labor activist.
Giuliani also said another bad influence on Obama was Saul Alinsky, a community organizer whom the ex-mayor called a “socialist.”
The man once called “America’s mayor’’ also sharply criticized the president for having been a member of a church led by radical Chicago Rev. Jeremiah Wright.
“He spent 17 years in the church of Jeremiah Wright, and this is the guy who said ‘God damn America, not God bless America,’ ’’ Giuliani said.
“Obama never left that church.”
People are uncomfortable with Giuliani charging Obama as unpatriotic because his comments describe most of the media, political and academic establishment. The Cathedral is unpatriotic and anti-American.

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